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The Power of Sympathy, written by William Hill Brown and published in 1789, is recognized as the first American novel. This groundbreaking work delves into the complex web of human emotions, morality, and the societal norms of late 18th-century America. Presented in the epistolary format, the novel unfolds through a series of letters that expose the intimate thoughts and experiences of its characters. Central to the plot is the ill-fated love affair between Harrington and Harriot, whose relationship is marred by the revelations of hidden secrets and familial ties. As their story progresses, themes of seduction, betrayal, and the consequences of moral failings are meticulously explored. Brown's narrative serves as a moralistic critique, warning against the dangers of unchecked passion and the importance of virtue. The novel's emphasis on the power of sympathy and its ability to foster human connection and empathy is a reflection of the sentimental literary tradition of the time. The Power of Sympathy not only offers a compelling story but also provides insight into the social and cultural landscape of early America. It remains a significant piece of American literary history, celebrated for its pioneering approach to storytelling and its exploration of the human condition. This edition of The Power of Sympathy invites readers to engage with a seminal work that laid the foundation for American fiction, emphasizing the enduring relevance of its themes and its contribution to literary heritage.


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      Andrii Ponomarenko
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      11 juillet 2024
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