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This book provides a global perspective on the various issues that the industry has to face as well as to provide some key global strategies that can help coping with those global challenges, such as collaboration, strategic value chain planning, and interdependency analyses. It presents literature reviews, strategic research orientations, assessment of some current key issues, and state-of-the-art methodologies.

Framework for Integrated Decision Making in Value Chain Planning. Strategic Transformation of the Forest Industry Value Chain. Defining Decision Support Needs for Strategic Planning of the Forest Value Chain in a Canadian Context. The Meaning and Means of Environmental Sustainability: Forestry in a More Responsible World. A Survey of Methods for Agile Manufacturing Systems. Key Aspects of Woody Biomass Flows within the Canadian Forest Value Chain. Standards for Information and Knowledge Sharing in the Collaborative Design of Planning Systems within the Forest Products Industry: A Survey and Roadmap. Transport and Logistics. What Does VCO Matters for Government and Industry? Overview of Forest Products Market Research and Marketing in North America. Tactical Planning and Decision Support Systems in Forest Value Chains.

"Forest Value Chain Optimization is a whole view of the forests vast opportunity to be converted into emerging products in the bio-economy. As the traditional forest products sector attempts to hold on for efficiency improvement to survive with legacy products,¿this book demonstrates¿that the¿forest products industry can evolve through value chain optimization to enhance the competitiveness of the forest sector into the future."
¿Jason Linkewich, Chair NSERC VCO Network, & President, Linksedge Ltd., Canada

"The book looks excellent. I think you have had the strongest group in the world dealing with management of the forest industries. The collaborative approach behind this book has led to world-class knowledge in the field of value chain optimization and sustainability. I commend the Canadian researchers, the Canadian industry and FPInnovations for this major contribution. Congratulations!"
¿Andr¿Weintraub, Professor, Universidad de Chile, Chile

"The innovative and excellent work conducted by the VCO Network is an outstanding inspiration and will strengthen the forestry-based value chains. The cooperation between Skogforsk and the VCO Network regarding the value chain optimization in forest operations has been very fruitful and highly apreciated."
¿Gert Andersson, Programme Manager, Uppsala, Sweden

"This book provides information on the availability of sophisticated operational and planning models to assist with optimization of various links in the chain. It is timely, especially when we consider the disruptions that may result from new SLA negotiations, continuing decline of our P&P industry and the need to find new uses for sawmill residues. The closure of coal-fired thermal generating stations may offer an opportunity to convert some of them to biomass fuels. I suggest that the real importance of this book is to focus the minds of managers on the opportunities to improve the value chain. This should be an on-going business management activity."
¿The Forestry Chronicle, March 2017

"This is an excellent book that will not sit idle on my shelf. I plan to share it with a variety of people across the field, because I believe it is the most complete work available on forest value-chain optimization. The authors and editors should be lauded for their efforts in putting together such a complete work in this area."
¿Interfaces, March/April 2017



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