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This book presents recent results on global well-posedness including asymptotic behavior of global solutions to some fluid models, such as combustion model of radiative gas, radiation hydrodynamics model, Navier-Stokes equations with capillary and p-th power Newtonian fluid model. These models have the similar structures, which consist of Navier-Stokes equations coupled with other equation or with other effects. Results collected in this book are established by the authors and their collaborators in recent years.

À propos des auteurs

Qin, Yuming

Dr. Yuming QIN is professor, head of Mathematics Department and director of Institute of Nonlinear Sciences of Donghua University. His research interests are global (local) well-posedness of solutions and infinite dimensional dynamical systems for nonlinear evolutionary equations including fluid equations such as Navier-Stokes equations, MHD, and thermos-viscoelastic equations.

ZHANG, Jianlin

Dr. Jianlin ZHANG is associate Professor in College of Science, Zhongyuan University of Technology since 2012.


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      15 février 2023
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