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The field of hospital psychiatry has faced unimaginable challenges and opportunities during the last decade. Even as we continue to fight COVID-19, the century's greatest public health crisis, the need for behavioral health treatments continues to increase.

Providers and policymakers agree that integrating behavioral treatments into regular courses of patient care helps address postdischarge needs, including safe housing, reliable transportation, and nutrition. Behavioral wellness is currently benefiting from increased public attention, but disparities in access continue to plague people of color and members of the LGTBQIA+ community, who often struggle to find culturally competent treatment. There is a significant need for dedicated psychiatric hospitals and dedicated units in general hospitals to meet America's mental health needs.

Progress is happening, but many familiar challenges remain. Inadequate healthcare coverage and reimbursement for services has left both patients and medical providers desperate for reform. Staffing shortages are worsening as practitioners in the baby boomer generation retire and those roles go unfilled by new graduates.

Despite these challenges, psychiatric hospitals continue to adapt and find ways to care for patients. This updated textbook contains valuable knowledge and new insights for clinicians regarding treatment, staffing, and care, and features new chapters on family involvement and safety, federal and local financing, and information on collaborative care and Lean. Forward-looking chapters focus on the integration of treatment across settings and providers and examine new strategies such as telemedicine to extend the reach of clinicians. Together, and with expert guidance, readers of this must-have resource will find a roadmap for clinical, administrative, and financial steps to help providers take advantage of these unprecedented times to develop services and advance hospital psychiatry in the United States.

This updated edition includes new material in each of the chapters, with a focus on treatment, staffing, and quality-of-care changes, and offers new, forward-looking chapters on consumer and family perspectives, collaborative care, safety, and more. Despite the challenges facing clinicians in these unprecedented times, psychiatric hospitals continue to adapt and find ways to provide appropriate care. The Textbook of Hospital Psychiatry is a must-have resource for those working in psychiatric settings.

DedicationContributorsPrefaceIntroductionChapter 1: History of Hospital PsychiatryPart I: Inpatient CareChapter 2: The Child Unit Chapter 3: The Adolescent UnitChapter 4: The Adult Unit Chapter 5: The Geriatric UnitChapter 6: The Developmental Disabilities Co-Occurring Unit: Neuropsychiatry Across the LifespanChapter 7: The Eating Disorders UnitChapter 8: The Forensic UnitChapter 9: The Psychotic Disorders UnitChapter 10: The Substance Use Disorders Co-Occurring UnitChapter 11: The State HospitalChapter 12: The Veterans HospitalPart II: The Continuum of CareChapter 13: Community Mental Health and Hospital Based Outpatient ServicesChapter 14: Residential Treatment for Children and AdolescentsChapter 15: Residential Intensive Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for AdultsChapter 16: Psychiatric Emergency Services and Interface with the General HospitalPart III: Hardwiring ExcellenceChapter 17: Administration and LeadershipChapter 18: Financing of CareChapter 19: Quality, Measurement Based Care, and OutcomesChapter 20: Risk ManagementChapter 21: Preventing Conflict, Violence, and Use of Seclusion and RestraintChapter 22: Lean and Operational ExcellenceChapter 23: Architecture and Thoughtful DesignPart IV: Workforce and Special IssuesChapter 24: Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, and PsychologistsChapter 25: Psychiatric – Mental Health NursingChapter 26: Social Work and Rehabilitation TherapiesChapter 27: Working With FamiliesChapter 28: From Within: A Consumer Perspective on Psychiatric HospitalsPart V: The Future of Hospital PsychiatryChapter 29: Collaborative Care and Emerging ModelsChapter 30: The Future of Hospital PsychiatryIndex

Harsh K. Trivedi, M.D., M.B.A., is President and Chief Executive Officer of Sheppard Pratt in Baltimore, Maryland.

Steven S. Sharfstein, M.D., is President Emeritus of Sheppard Pratt in Baltimore, Maryland.



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